It is 12 months since UOW became a cleaner & healthier campus by committing to be smoke-free. We are all very fortunate to study & work in such a beautiful environment, however this is a polite note that litter has become an issue on Northfields Avenue.
Additional ashtrays have now been fitted and smokers are reminded to use the ashtrays provided or use a personal ashtray. Thanks again for your commitment to the ongoing success of our Smoke-Free University Policy.

Say goodbye to second hand smoke

In July 2016, The University of Wollongong implemented a Smoke-Free University Policy to model positive health choices, raise awareness about the harmful effects of smoking and importantly remove the exposure of second-hand smoke for our staff, students and visitors.

Want to know more? Check out the Why Smoke Free? page for additional details, links to policy documentation, and information on designated smoking areas at Wollongong and Innovation Campus'.



UOW Employee

"We have a beautiful outdoor environment at UOW. There is nothing better than sitting amongst the trees on campus, enjoying the views and breathing fresh air. I support the smoke free campus policy because I want a clean campus"


UOW Undergraduate Student

"As a reformed smoker I applaud the implementation of a totally smoke-free campus."


UOW Employee

"It's great that the University is going smoke-free."


UOW Postgraduate Student

"As an asthmatic, second-hand smoke triggers my asthma and really effects my health. I fully support a smoke-free UOW."