First Aid Information

Principles of first aid management

The DRSABCD action plan is commonly utilised as a guide for the general first aid management of a casualty during first aid (St Johns DRSABCD action plan poster). Watch the following video for more information.


Automatic External Defibrillator's   

AED Training

One of the myths associated with AEDs is that only trained users can use the AED to assist a casualty. While training is beneficial to help with knowledge, familiarisation and confidence of how to use the AED, the recommendation from the Australian Resuscitation Council is that anyone should be able to use an AED in an emergency without training. To help with this the AED unit that the University has chosen includes both an audio and video display to guide the user through each step during the emergency.

To help understand how the AED works please click on the following links to an online workbook as well as interactive demonstration of the unit (just press the green button on the AED when you load up the page):