• WHS Policy review

    The WHS Policy has recently been reviewed.The suggested minor changes can be viewed by clicking here. Please refer any comments or feedback to the WHS Unit by 29 September 2017.

  • Campus Thermal Comfort Strategy Update

    A campus wide strategy is address thermal comfort issues is being developed. Click to read more information.

  • ChemAlert

    The University utilises the online management system ChemAlert to register all hazardous chemicals that are stored, handled or transported. Key features include the stock holdings module, register of hazardous chemicals, SDS library and printed labels.

  • Working Safely

    This section contains safety guidelines, procedures and information for specific workplace hazards to ensure work is carried out safely across the University. Information for each of the hazards can be found here.

  • WHS Guidelines

    Click here for all your WHS guidelines

  • WHS Forms

    Click here for all your WHS forms

  • WHS signage

    Click here for information on WHS signage.