Indigenous Cultural Appreciation

Indigenous Cultural Appreciation Program

The University of Wollongong initiated an Indigenous Cultural Appreciation Program in 2002 as part of the Aboriginal Employment Strategy. 

With the introduction of the Indigenous Employment Strategy 2008-2011, Indigenous cultural awareness remains an integral part of the Equal Employment and Diversity Unit’s approach to encouraging a harmonious, accepting and aware workforce. 

The Indigenous Cultural Appreciation Program aims to provide participants with reinforcement and/or knowledge of the issues affecting Indigenous people within the workplace and broader society in a contemporary context. 

The program aims to address: 

  • Stereotyping, prejudice, discrimination and racism 
  • Communication strategies and protocols 
  • Local contemporary values and belief systems 
  • Cultural issues impacting on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees and students 
  • Local Aboriginal Elders and representatives 
  • Aboriginal community resources and the significance/roles of Local Aboriginal organisations 

This multi-layered and localised Indigenous cultural awareness program assists UOW staff in ensuring a culturally inclusive, diverse and supportive work environment through a greater understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. 

Participant Comments 

“Love the format, the personal stories were invaluable and the presentation was comfortably paced and very engaging.” 

"Made me aware of how much I didn't know." 

"The workshop covered a lot of ground and presented different perspectives, without anything delivered as 'gospel' - it was all open to questioning and interpretation, which made it much more interesting." 

“Excellent program – interactive, insightful and inspiring.” 

For dates and details of upcoming programs 

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Last reviewed: 25 January, 2016
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