Equal Opportunity Online - Fair Play on Campus

Equal Opportunity Online (EO Online) is a self-paced online equal opportunity training program for higher education employees. It contains many real life examples and employs interactive learning techniques. EO Online is updated annually.

Completion of EO Online module one is a requirement of probation for all staff. However, completion in the first weeks of employment is strongly encouraged.

  • You must register the first time you access EO Online
  • It will take you approximately 90 minutes to complete module one
  • You can complete it in sections, coming back to where you finished last time
  • In order to progress through each section you must complete all quizzes
  • On completion of the module you will receive a completion certificate
  • Completion will be recorded on your training record in web kiosk
  • Supervisors and managers are also required to complete module two

Staff are encouraged to re-visit EO Online periodically to refresh their knowledge, and to use the program as a resource when necessary.

Access EO Online

Please report any problems using or accessing EO Online to pods@uow.edu.au

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Last reviewed: 10 January, 2019