Disability Action Plan

Disability Action Plan  

The University of Wollongong is proud to support people with disabilities in their study and employment. A project was undertaken in mid 2007, to review the services and support provided by the University to students and staff with disabilities. The result was the production of the Disability Action Plan 2007-2010.

A review of the 2007-2010 Disability Action Plan (DAP) identified key target areas:

  1. Practical placements for students
  2. Physical accessibility of the main campus
  3. Consistency of policy administration at all domestic and off shore campuses
  4. Inclusive teaching, learning and assessment practices
  5. Technology changes
  6. Support for students and potential staff seeking employment
  7. Management of mental health issues
  8. New National health professional arrangements and associated mandatory reporting requirements in regards to students and staff.

A significant change in the administration of the 2011-2015 DAP is the establishment of a Stakeholder Group to report on and monitor the actions allocated to their units.

The new revised Disability Action Plan 2011-2015 sets the future direction for services for people with disabilities, with significant development across teaching and learning, which will form long term projects.



Last reviewed: 30 July, 2012