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  • Global Corporate Challenge

    Registrations are now open and participation is free. Form a team of 7, with 2 team members new to the GCC experience required for 2016. The start date is Wednesday 25th May 2016.

  • Linking Women Network-Breast Awareness 1st June 2016

    UOW welcome well-known Illawarra entrepreneur Maralyn Young on June 1st in sharing important facts and myths on breast cancer, along with demonstrating how to maintain our breast health.

nosmokingUOW Smoke Free University

´╗┐UOW is committed to providing a healthy and safe working environment for everyone. This includes protecting staff, students, visitors and contractors from hazards such as second hand smoke. For this reason the University will aim to be smoke-free in 2016.

We are seeking feedback in regards to the draft policy. Please email feedback to smoke-free@uow.edu.au. We will also welcome ongoing submissions throughout the implementation phase and lifetime on the policy.

The Smoke-Free University Policy was developed by a task group which consists of Sue Thomas (Director, Human Resources), Grant Reynolds (Communications and Media), Michael Gillmore (General Manager, UniCentre), Nigel Pennington (Director, Accommodation Services), Neil Ryan (WHS), Ine Seljeseth (President, Illawarra Public Health Society/Student Representative), Darren Smith (Manager, WHS), William Parry (Student Representative), Heather Yeatman (Professor, School of Health and Society), and David Anderson (Manager, Security).

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The UOW well@work program is part of the Workplace Health and Safety Unit and is your Health & Wellbeing Program. We are committed to providing a positive, healthy staff experience and offers a range of initiatives to staff, faculties & divisions.

Our focus in 2016 is on the key areas of a Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Health Relationships, and ways to support you being Healthy whilst at Work. Please contact Well@Work if you want to discuss Your UOW Health & Wellbeing Program.