Workplace Safety Inspections

Workplace Safety Inspections

Workplace Safety Inspections are carried out as planned event, where the workplace is inspected to identify potential hazards, as part of the University's risk management processes. 



There are a number of checklists depending on the type of area being inspected. These checklists include a detailed list of items to inspect, however you may wish to modify the checklist to make it more specific to your area.

The following checklists are available for use:

Additional resources that will need to be used throughout the inspection process include the Workplace Inspection Summary Report Form [pdf] [doc] and SafetyNet.

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Last reviewed: 28 September, 2016

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The UOW WHS Unit is committed to providing advice and support to UOW workers, students, contractors and visitors to ensure that health and safety risks can be managed in accordance with the UOW WHS Management System. The WHS Unit will facilitate, guide and encourage UOW management and employees to strive to achieve a work environment that minimises risk and has safety as a core value.